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China WPC industry market analysis

Release time:2014-07-04 15:56:20 Clicks:1859

Understand according to the reporter, in view of the development speed Chinese WPC industry rapidly, it is necessary to develop new market. Chinese wood industry has made remarkable progress in the development of new products, China enterprise in die design and machining progress is obvious. In the mold design, Chineseenterprise in a very short time showed very high attainments.

North America with behavior remain competitive, do the work in the innovation of wood plastic composites.

Innovation in Europe is mainly reflected in the development of new materials, improved and China plastic enterprises focus on process. There may be a problem America enterprises in strengthening the innovation in certain aspects, the China and India, and even to some extent for some European countries offer good opportunities. European companies are very successful in innovation, the development of high precision applications that are not found anywhere else. But China challenges are initiated are caused by European producers of wood plastic composite concerns.

The European market and environmental standards are more stringent, such as not allowing the use of PVC inwood mixture, while in the China this is very common, and the desire for wood from sustainable forestry source.China composite wood industry managers say, the government offered support to the research of wood.Technology related patents Chinese universities and enterprise applications have more than 600 items.