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China Fourth International Wood Summit Forum held in Nanjing

Release time:2014-07-04 15:55:54 Clicks:1666

On the morning of 19, sponsored by the wood products Chinese Plastics Processing Industry AssociationProfessional Committee of the "fourth China International Wood peak forum" held in Nanjing Jinling star Le Grand Large Hotel. The well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, research institutions, industry associations,professional research institutions, experts and representatives from more than 300 gathering in Nanjing.

The so-called "WPC", is mainly in the plastic as raw material, through the addition of wood flour, rice husk, straw and other waste plant fiber mixed into a new wood materials, after extrusion, molding, injection molding and otherplastic processing technology, new material or material to produce. It is the recycling of waste plastics andagricultural and forestry waste utilization has opened a new road, has become an important direction of resources recycling type development of green building materials. After the expert authority estimates, the use of 1 tons ofwood material at least can replace the equivalent of 3.50 m ³ natural wood, can achieve 17.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Experts believe that the global forum, only for the outdoor engineering plastic wood market is about 400 to5000000 tons / year, China the amount reached 200000 tons / year, from the development trend, the marketdemand is very growth.