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Install WPC pay attention to what

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Wood installation related issues:

1 installation, whether to leave the gap?

Need, because of drainage, sweep, slight heat expansion / contraction of wood plastic profiles, installation, edge to edge, must leave appropriate gap between head. Wood does not because the environment of wet and dry due to expansion and contraction, but according to the temperature change and expansion and contraction to a certain extent, therefore in the side to side and head to head on to leave a space, especially in the winter when installation should pay special attention to

2 when installed on the surface of span are required?

There are requirements, plastic profile installation joists need not too large span. Load conditions in particular environment or extraordinary -- such as hot water bathing space -- installation may require a shorter. When design related data provided by the supplier. Please take the engineering analysis before installation.

3 WPC can be used to make structure?

Can't. WPC ordinary although has the very high strength and toughness, but also do not have as wood bending strength, and therefore can not be used as structural components. But after modification by glass fiber reinforcedplastic has high bending strength, can be used for structural parts.

Screw 4 what type suitable for WPC profiles?

Recommend the use of screw of high quality stainless steel, hot galvanized, especially recommend the use of self tapping screw, which helps increase the screw nail holding ability.

5 wood to processing, whether to need special tools?

In the processing of wood and wood is simple and easy, and in some ways even easier. Only need to use wood working tools common can be cut, drilling and other processing on the surface.

6 wood plastic materials have what matters needing attention during installation?

Answer: has the processing characteristics and wood of wood plastic materials, the use of common tools can besawing, drilling, nailing, very convenient, can be the same as wood, the key point to note two points (1) in strict accordance with the manufacturers specified span, because wood material has greater creep than wood, too large span will cause safety problems; (2) considering the reason of drainage, cleaning and minor expansion and contraction, wood material used as a floor, wall board uses, side to side, head to head must have the appropriateclearance.

7 how to maintenance, maintenance of wood?

Even in the outdoor expose to the weather, wood will not rot, chipped or cracked, in addition also has anti UV ability, no need of maintenance specialist.

8 cold weather will affect the wood?

Wood even at low temperature weather still perform well, however, because the plastic wood componentsaccounted for 50%, so in the extremely cold weather because of hard and brittle, the minimum temperature can reach -40 ℃.

9 WPC can bend?

Sure. By heating, bending wood can amount to a certain extent.

10 wood to paint?

Not need wood itself, with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, fireproof and mothproof effect. We have many colors for choice.