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Green wood, waste wood recycling

Release time:2014-07-04 15:53:02 Clicks:1653

With the adjustment of the industrial structure of China's plastics industry continues to accelerate, as one of the direction of structural adjustment, recovery and reuse of waste plastics has become a key the entire cycle of the industry chain, but also the high technical content, the whole industry profit of a ring section. At present, China'srecovery of waste plastics and packaging material utilization rate is less than 10%, while Japan has reached 26%.British "economist" statistics, the use of USA city garbage recycling rate reached 32%, while in Austria, Holland and other European countries, waste recycling rate reached more than 60%, compared with 27% in britain. The WRAP organization by calculation, the garbage recycling work will be the annual carbon dioxide emissions reduction of 1000 tons to 15000000 tons. In 2005, recycling carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced 49000000 tons ofAmerica. In some developed countries, the recycling of waste plastics research and development work started early, a lot of technology has become increasingly mature, and produce good results. In our country, waste plastics recycling industry is a sunrise industry of environmental protection, the development potential is great.From the recycling of waste plastics technology, mainly through several ways to improve the value of waste plastic products, including plastic wood composite manufacturing building materials, household goods, chemical products,geotechnical materials etc.. In these areas, the plastic alloy, with waste polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene building materials is moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insulation, not spoiled, making the river and lake revetment, doors and windows, wall (core) partition, can replace wood and cement, is an important direction of development of the industry in future.